Our unique approach to brand management and multi-faceted suite of services - ranging from budget management to creative direction - result in some of the most recognisable multimedia content and brand collaborations worldwide.

Here are some of our strengths:

Our Services

Consultancy & Executive Production

As the luxury landscape continues to evolve, we recognize the need for a new, modern approach to brand consultancy - one that covers multiple sectors, from creative to financial execution, and allows brands to keep up with current market demands.

We partner with the industry's most premium brands to advise on everything from event planning to content creation and production of multi-media campaigns. Our intimate understanding of the language of luxury across both Europe and America, puts us in a unique position to manage global projects with talent from some of the most important markets in the world, all the while bringing an educated point of view on board.


Honing in over 25 years of expertise across every aspect of communication, Stardust Brands is uniquely placed to execute marketing initiatives from start to finish.

We oversee the coordination, management and creation of content; have the know-how to manage any budget; access and secure the right talent; and understand the intricacies required to manage different media channels. This results in well-informed solutions, created to fit individual brands' needs and create maximum impact.

Celebrity Casting

Firmly established in the upper echelons of Hollywood, we have the ability to secure the most sought-after celebrity talent, from household names to the brightest young talent.

Our intimate knowledge of the celebrity and fashion spaces, allows us to select the most relevant talent to match a brand's aesthetic and broader positioning - so much so that the campaigns we facilitate go beyond seasonal marketing exercises to cultural moments that become ingrained in the consumer psyche.


The most successful campaigns go far beyond the traditional celebrity endorsement of yesteryear.

We not only link brands with the right talent and facilitate negotiations across different types of budgets, but go on to nurture the relationships long after a contract has been signed. With a focus on creating long term tie-ins, based on mutual investment and exciting creative dialogues, we achieve the most impactful results from talent-brand partnerships.

Talent Management

We represent some of the most revered talent from across the creative industries, ranging from art direction, film direction, fashion, photography, social media and costume design.

We apply 25-years of luxury experience to scour a saturated landscape and handpick the most relevant creators. They stand out for their unique skillsets and abilities to create attention-grabbing, multi-disciplinary content and share refreshing, creative perspectives. As part of our talent management services, our team can see a project through every part of the way from contract management to execution and delivery.

Creative Direction

Immersed in every aspect of the worlds of luxury, fashion and pop culture, Stardust Brands' multi-skilled teams can quickly develop a firm understanding of a brand's vision and aesthetic. 

Based on this know-how, we direct campaigns and help our brand partners capture the right mood and message, through creative content. From location scouting, to casting the most suitable A-list talent, and securing revered names from the world of photography, our services cover every aspect of creative direction.