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Johnny Depp For Dior Sauvage


Dior Sauvage: When two huge brands collide for the ultimate collaboration

Stardust founder Victoria Brynner dreamt of casting Johnny Depp in a luxury campaign for years. Understanding the power of good timing and negotiation, she succeeded in securing Depp as the face of Christian Dior’s ‘Sauvage’ men’s fragrance campaign in 2015. The deal resulted in some of the most timeless and recognisable campaigns in the history of modern luxury for the world's top selling fragrance.

Images and Film by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Casting & Relationship management by Stardust Brands

In turn, the campaign’s success pushed ‘Sauvage’ to become the best selling fragrance across the globe, popularly referenced as “a bottle that sells every 3 seconds” – a testament to the Stardust team’s unique ability to marry the worlds of luxury and Hollywood and help brands become part of the zeitgeist.

The company has been working with the Christian Dior marketing team on the ‘Sauvage’ campaign since its inception, brokering the deal with Depp from start to finish, managing all additional social media and video creation; and overseeing the talent-brand relationship to this day.

Directed by Jean Baptiste Mondino