Michael Kaplan

Costume Designer

New York, Los Angeles

Michael Kaplan

Accomplished as both a costume designer and fashion stylist, Michael Kaplan has worked with the biggest names in the industry and won awards for his work on unforgettable films like Blade Runner, Flash Dance, Pearl Harbor, Seven, Fight Club, Armageddon and Burlesque. Michael has most recently completed Star Treck and Winter's Tale, his next project is Star Wars: Episode VII. In between features Michael does editorial work for books such as W, Italian Vogue, and L’Uomo Vogue as well advertising shoots, music videos and commercials.

Michael is based in New York and Los Angeles but travels globally for projects.

Habit Rouge Movie
Armani Nadal
Armani Rihanna
Mission Impossible
Winter's Tale
Star Trek: Into Darkness
Flash Dance
Brad Pitt for Rolling Stone
Jennifer Aniston for Rolling Stone
Vogue Italia
Brad Pitt for Details
Clive Owen for Details
Pearl Harbor
Fight Club
Brad Pitt for W
Brad and Angelina for W